Month: May 2019

Ways to Attract New Customers to your Business | Business Tips

    Ways to attract new customers in your business   In your business you will have to dedicate time and effort to get new clients. Even if your business is flashy and you have an innovative product, customers will not necessarily arrive alone. You need to implement some strategies to attract new customers. Marketing Read More

Debit Card with 5% discount on Target

    Debit cards were often in the news in the past year – often from a less positive perspective – because many banks tried to charge for their use. Normally a bank card is issued by the bank that maintains your bank account, but this is not always the case. The Target REDcard is Read More

Compare interest from revolving credit

Compare interest from revolving credit to see if you are paying too much interest on your current credit (s). If you have taken out a loan with a bank while ago, you are probably paying a high interest rate that you can bring down considerably if you take out this loan. What does the current Read More